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Wednesday, August 30, 2006

1951: HHS Honor Society and Honor Roll

I must admit that I didn't apply myself as I should have when I was in high school. I was on the honor roll every single marking period from Kuser School first grade right up to 7th grade. When I reached 8th grade, I discovered girls, and from then on I was only an average student. Miss Florence Cornwell was furious with me for changing from the Academic course to General. My real life ambition was to be a teacher, but my Mom and Dad couldn't afford the $900 tuition to State Teachers' College! Miss Cornwell was a perceptive, and somewhat emotional teacher. I remember turning in a book report on "The Great Gatsby," and below the B+ I received, was the note from her, "Thomas, you have a flair for writing. You should develop that skill." It was only in 1981 when I began writing that I recalled her perceptive side.

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