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Friday, September 15, 2006

1942: ONCE UPON A TIME......

This delightful graphic is from my collection of Hamilton High memorabilia. In years long gone, it was the custom for a young lady to carry a dance card, wherein she entered the names of the lucky guys who would dance with her at the 1942 Senior Ball. This custom went out of style by the time I got to Hamilton High in 1951, but it sure was a quaint, and very charming custom!

ABOUT THE ILLUSTRATION: The booklet and the accompanying pencil is seen against the second "layer" of the graphic. the page headed "Dance Order" is inside the little blue covered booklet.


If they ever decided to remove the foliage and other greenery on the front lawn of our favorite high school, this is how it would look. This photo from the Trenton Times was taken the day the school opened.