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Wednesday, April 05, 2006

1950: Lovely Ladies All

I remember when the girls wore one piece bathing suits and calf-length dresses (they called it the "new look."), These gals would never dream of wearing a"bikini" bathing suit or skin tight jeans. Ahh....we have really progressed..........uhh......haven't we?

1942: Chet Feehan

One of the wonderful things about the first 50 years of HHS is the "small town" feel that it maintained right up to the 1960's when Hamilton began to evolve into the huge megalopolis it is today. Back then, you knew many of the past class members, and many of them went to school with your brother
and - or sister. Chet was a classmate of my brother Len and my sister in law, Kathleen Britton.