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Saturday, November 18, 2006

1952: Here Comes Your 55th!

C'mon you guys, admit it! We all have memories of that first girlfriend, or the "crushes" ).....the ones that got away, if you will.) At one time or other, we were all afflicted by with that male hormonal malady at some time in our youth. I still recall a case of "puppy love" with which I was afflicted in 1943 with the then love-of-my-life, Shirley Whitebread....then, hmmm, let me see, there was Madelyn Lear, Barbara Connelly, Joan Tart, Charlotte Wilson, Millie Long, Shirley Gress, Madeline Bencivengo, Mary Pyrah, Jackie Hamilton, Valle Brewer, and, oh, of course, the love of my life with whom I have spent 53 years of married life, Judy Britton, HHS '51!