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Saturday, April 04, 2009


Talk about "hi-tech!" As I was writing this post, I recalled with bittersweet memories how as a lonely and homesick soldier, serving two and a half years in Italy and Germany, I was starved for hometown news, I asked Mom and Pop Glover to send me the Trenton Times. It took upwards of two weeks to cross the ocean and be put in my barracks mailbox, but I savored each and every paper. Now, those lonely G.I.'s and others who yearn for the news from home, can just click on their computer and journey across the miles to read their hometown newspaper. Incredible!

Online newspaper readership is growing rapidly and a portent of things to come in this digital age. Personally, I don't think anything will ever replace my first-thing-in-the-morning cup of coffee with my favorite morning newspapers spread across my breakfast table. Most of my fellow senior citizens prefer reading the morning paper as they have been for decades. Conversely, most of the younger generation are computer users, and reading the local news online. Realizing the changing demographics, Times Editor Brian Malone has brought the "Times of Trenton" (known to we old timers as the "Trenton Times") into the digital age with a much easier to negotiate website. The Times is the oldest daily newspaper in Trenton, and among the oldest in the Trenton-Bucks-Burlington-Delaware Valley area. The website is very attractive, and those who prefer to read their local news via the online newspaper, along with those who live anywhere in the world can now read comprehensive daily hometown news in brilliant, living color.
My bi-weekly "Sentimental Journey" column,
along with all of your other favorite Times columnists, is now available online and quite easy to access. The graphic above is a cut and paste of today's "Sentimental Journey" column. Bookmark the website below for your daily online read of the Times of Trenton, and thanks for being a reader!
Go to:
Arrow down to "COLUMNISTS" and click on my name, along with any of the many Times columnists.