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Friday, September 05, 2008

I have received an email from Kuser Principal Roberto Kesting announcing the first formal meeting of the Kuser School Centennial Celebration. I know there are some visitors to this site who are "Kuser Kats" and have expressed an interest in being kept informed as to the activities surrounding the planning for this memorable and historic celebration. If you are interested in being kept informed, or are interested in attending as an alumnus (as I am), contact either Mr. Kesting at the address below, or email me.
The first Kuser School 100th Anniversary meeting will be held this Tuesday, September 9th @4PM. This will accommodate parents and alumni that wish to participate. The first meeting will be held at 4PM. The meeting is open to parents and alumni are cordially invited. The initial agenda will be a discussion of each committee's objectives and activities. We will solidify our memberships in each committee. Mr. Kesting stated that his goal is for our committees to be self-sufficient and our future meetings will be to discuss progress in each committee.Thank you for your support in this exciting endeavor!Roberto KestingPrincipalKuser Elementary School70 Newkirk AvenueHamilton, NJ 08629(609) 631- 4155 ext.