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Tuesday, January 27, 2009


What a novel concept: A faculty member serving as alumni president. I hope Herb had better luck with forming an alumni association than we did back in the 90's when we printed up membership tickets, put out the word that the alumni association is back, sat back and waited for the hundreds of Hornet alumni to rush to membership. We waited in vain. What a disappointment!


Hamilton West had it's share of members of "The Greatest Generation" on the faculty staff. Joe Bartlett was one of them. Of course, in high school, he was "Mr. Bartlett," but during my numerous senior citizen programs in Hamilton Square, he was just plain "Joe," and just as gentlemanly and soft spoken as he was when he was in the HHS "Phys-Ed" department.

1951: HHS 30TH REUNION IN 1981

Wow! Did father time ever do a makeover on those of us who are now 58 years away from our Hamilton High School years! That guy Glover you see with his lovely wife Judy Britton, ain't nothing like the Glover guy of today. Maybe the same name, but let's add around 45 pounds, gray hair, and a somewhat reduced libido. Many of my fellow classmates have passed away. I am in the process of updating the list and will be posting it in the near future.