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Wednesday, August 30, 2006

1951: Candy Frenking and Tom Glover in the news

Here's a fascinating clip from the April, 1951 edition of "The Criterion." I must admit I have no recollection of desiring to eat during class! Perhaps I was looking forward to 3rd lunch and a hot dog from the late Russ Ayre's yellow and red hot dog push cart! As a point of interest, before Russ was banished from Park Avenue side the school, many of us opted for his hot dogs rather than the bland offerings of the cafeteria. Russ moved from the high school to South Broad Street, next to the Colonial Cemetery, and created a traffic problem there, and was moved again. I remember seeing 5 or 6 eighteen wheelers lined up along South Broad Street, partaking of his delectable hot dogs. He ultimately settled on a commercial spot on Route 206, a site which still exists and I can assure you that they still serve Russ's incredibly delicious hot dogs, and yes, the last time I was there, the yellow push cart is still there! I'll bet there is not one reader who remembers when Russ came around in the morning with those delectable cream donuts from Prior's Donut store on South Clinton Avenue! There was never a kinder more likeable man than Russ Ayres. Despite his handicap, he was always a cheerful guy, ideed, a real gentleman, and we miss him.

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