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Wednesday, August 30, 2006

1947: Kuser Annex

How well I remember that cute little "Sis" McGlynn. Hey, I also remember "Pretty Peggy" Trolle, too! Don't you love those bobbysox and Saddle shoes Sissy is wearing? By the way, her name is Alvilda. The last I heard she was living in a small town in central Pennsylvania. They were practicing for our spring entertainment, "China Boy," starring Carl Williams as the China boy. I was to have been in one of the leads, but I crossed Miss Jean Larzalere, who felt that I should give up my after school job and come to all the practices. I couldn't do that 'cause my mom needed the money. Bottom line, Jean Larzalere was completely unsympathetic to my plight, and banished me from ALL music and thespian entertainment at K.A.

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