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Saturday, November 01, 2008

1951: Carol Sine Black Remembers

One of the real joys of maintaining my websites lies in the fact that I am hearing from many of my friends and classmates from the past. As the old saying goes, "old Friends are the best friends." Carol was one of the many lovely ladies who made up the choir at Hamilton High during the late 40's and early 50's. It was so great to hear from her after all these years. By the way Carol, even as you pictured fellow classmates from memory before going to our yearbook, I didn't need to refer to our yearbook, either when I saw who sent the email to me. I immediately pictured the pretty young lady pictured above.

Carol wrote:


I enjoyed reading all your information on your sites and can't believe I didn't know about them before this. Mercerville School and HHS certainly aren't the same anymore but I was lucky to have been able to experience the good years at a time gone by. Also, Trenton -- the movies, busses, and great department stores of days gone by.

How I remember the quote you mention that Miss Baird instilled in all of us; "travel the world over-"-- I found a card with that quote on it years ago and have kept it and look at it often, remembering her every time. There's so much to comment on that I wouldn't know where to start but be assured they are all good memories.

It was fun to hear of some classmates ('51) who contributed to your articles and I could actually picture them without going to my yearbook. That in itself is an accomplishment!
I'll bet you don't remember (silly me) Hughes ice house (and a small store) at the intersection of Nottingham Way and Rt. 33. When I was in Mercerville School and also when getting off the bus from Hamilton, it was the place to stop for a soda and hang out with the "gang." (That term doesn't have the same connotation today!) It's been awhile since I've been out that way but I believe it was replaced by a fast food restaurant many moons ago, one of the original ones, not Burger King or McDs. You know, when a hamburger was 10 cents. I'm not sure that's there anymore.
I have to get back on the sites and really spend more time going over all the articles again. It's amazing --thank you for doing it.
P.S. My brother-in-law was in the Seiler family (meat packing) business. I'll have to ask if he knows anything about the Trenton Sausage Co. Seiler's was also in business for a good many years and was well known not only in Trenton but all over NJ and PA.