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Thursday, August 24, 2006

1951 Tulip Time Players

With the reunion of my class of 1951 just around the corner (See the announcement elsewhere on this site. "Search this blogsite" for Reunion. It is probably in the July archive.) Many thanks to Ray and Sandra Holmes Danberry for saving this long forgotten treasure. Leon Belardino, you're looking great! So are you, George Mozer, Vance Johnson and in fact all of you look great! A special tug of my heart is in the lower left, the late Shirley Whitebread Applegate, one of my dear girlfriends from Miss Ruth Margerum's Kuser School Third Grade. Next to Shirley is our accompanist, Sandy Smith, without whom we would never have made such beautiful music. I'm not sure, but it looks like Arlene Seabridge second from right. If it isn't, my apologies. As I look at this long forgotten photo, I am reminded of the beautiful voice of the late Bill Baggott. (Back row, second from left, next to me.) In the lower right, Beverly Cowell. Bev and I sang a duet in our Sophomore or Junior year, "The Things We Did Last Summer." Remember, Bev? Vance Johnson, second from right in the back row, removed himself from the lead in our operetta and his role of "Burgomeister" was taken over by Ray Danberry. Oh those bittersweet memories!