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Tuesday, December 30, 2008


Excellence is, was, and probably always will be for the Hamilton High Hornet Band and Marching Unit. Here's a photo vignette showing the groups practicing for their participation in the "Sun 'n Fun" festival in Clearwater, Florida back in 1989.

1989: HHS to Present "OLIVER"

When Louise Baird retired many years ago, I was afraid whomever replaced her in the vocal music department at HHS would never be able to achieve the level of musical excellence that was the hallmark of her long career. And then along came Ms. Sue Proulx! I have heard at least one of her groups over the past years and those fears were groundless. Sue has that same special "something" that results in incredibly beautiful choral presentations. At the Viet Nam memorial dedication last Veterans' Day, Sue's group actually had many of us in tears! Sue will go down in HHS history as one of the very best.