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Sunday, April 02, 2006

1930: Volume I Number I "Hamilton Flash"

I have a few of these very rare newspapers from the first year of Hamilton High. They were printed on quality enameled paper and a real classy publication. As all red-blooded Hornets know the change was made to the current paper, the "Criterion."

1934: Play Day at HHS

I know today's female Hornets don't wear these very modest gym outfits. However, they were the uniform of the day in the 40's and 50's when I was there.

1949 Canteen Council

Do you remember those great Saturday night canteens at Hamilton? If you do, are you old enough to remember when Jack Hartman's band played for us? How about Joe D'Amico's musical expertise?

1950: Hamilton Soccer

Thanks to fellow Hornet Ray Bell for this photo of the soccer team. Hamilton was group 4 champions nearly every year during the decade of the 50's and early 60's.

1948: Washington Trip

They are a bit out of focus because I had to extract their very small images from the class of 1948's Washington trip. 1948: When women teachers wore skirts and dresses, and the men wore suits and ties! How utterly refreshing, but quite old fashioned!

1943: They ActuBought a Jeep!

Back in the years when right or wrong, Americans supported their president, the class of '43 garnered all their plentiful resouces and worked to buy a jeep for Uncle Sam. This was originally a black and white photo from the Trenton Times, but thanks to computer technology, I was able to colorize it. It certainly is an historic gem.

1931: Tulip Time: Operetta

How I miss those old operettas! This is the first one presented by the high school in 1931. Tulip Time was repeated every ten years up the class of 1951, after which I'm sure the powers that be felt that the simplistic "boy meets girl" formula was outdated. I played the part of "Hans" in that great old production. Wouldn't it be great if contemporary high schools dug into some of the great old musicals of the day like "Red Mill," "Sally," "HMS PInafore," etc.?

HHS Class of '47

Here is a file photo of the leads in Hamilton's 1947 production of "Moods in Music."