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Sunday, September 10, 2006

1947: Kuser Annex

Hey! Even though a geographical situation put me in a neighborhood which required me to spend 9th grade in Kuser Annex, that certainly doesn't mean that I am not a legitimate, card-carrying "Hamilton Hornet!" Thanks to Bill "Beb" Peters, I have two of the school's fading mimeographed editions of the school newspaper, the "CRIER." Thanks to hi tech graphic manipulation, I have succeeded in enhancing the faded mimeograph type into crisp and very readable text. As a result, there are two pristine copies of the CRIER which will be on display at our 55th reunion next week, and then into the KUSER ANNEX folder in the Hamilton Library. Here we see a tribute to one of my very favorite classmates, with whom I went through all twelve years of school, the ever lovely Charlotte Wilson Coyle, who just happened to be chosen as our favorite student. Another post features Bobby Herrera, choir mate of mine and still a dear friend, who was honored in the male category in that same issue.