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Tuesday, February 27, 2007

FRANK METZGER: 1937-2007

Mr. Frank Metzger a fellow Hornet from Hamilton High class of 1954

passed away this week. Frank was a prominent Hamiltonian who

served on the Hamilton Township Council back in the 1980's. His close

friend and colleague, Jack Lacy, former Hamilton Council President

sends this email which is a poignant eulogy to Frank. Many thanks,

If there are any other classmates or friends who would like to add to this post please contact me at

I sent you Frank's official obit from today's paper. Sorry, but haven't found any appropriate photos yet. As I said in an earlier post, much of the material from that part of my life was lost in my houase fire in '98. But, I'll keep looking.
If you'd like to include some quotes from me, here goes:
"I've known Frank since we were in Hamilton High together although then I knew him as the big brother of my class mate, Charlie or "Bub" as he was known to his family. Later Frank became one of my principal insurance advisers providing all my family with Allstate coverage of our automobiles, then Tenant Homeowners coverage and finally full-scale Homeowners Insurance. I'll never forget him urging that we incorporate a (then) new-fangled rider in the homeowners policy that increased the value of the home each year according to its market value. In 1998 when our house burned down Frank's foresight so many years before was a Godsend."
"When we became colleagues and two-term running mates on the Hamilton Township Council I was forever impressed with Frank's uncanny ability to listen to hours upon hours of public testimony and debate on an issue and then summarize all of that in one or two sentences. He had a special talent for recognizing the core differences and stating them very simply. In an age when politicians often spend as long summarizing as the debate to which they are referring Frank's one or two succinct sentences were a most refreshing change. And, that's from a former politician who has been kindly referred to as 'verbose' while others have harsher descriptions of my orations."
"No matter what the situation Frank's sense of humor was exquisite. He could see and verbalize the humor in just about any set of conditions and that talent certainly served often to lighten what otherwise might have been a ponderous calamity."
Hope those help some...