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Sunday, May 27, 2007

1948: A Mystery Assembly Program

Thanks to Audrey Homan Sperling for this photo of a mystery Kuser School stage production. There's Marilyn Van Marter, sister of my Hamilton High Class of '51 classmate Shirley Van Marter, Angelo Calabrese, brother of another HHS '51 classmate, the late Lenny Calabrese, Bob Mohr, brother of still another HHS '51 classmate, Lois Mohr.

1945: Brother Bud's Annual Reunion Luncheon

In a week or so, HHS '45 will celebrate still another annual reunion luncheon. This is one of the classes who have managed to keep a very respectable roster of members who still attend the annual affair. I was recently in contact with Harold Gravatt, brother Grace Gravatt. I saw his name somewhere on the web and took a chance that he was the same Harold Gravatt who lived on Kline Avenue. It is. I asked about his sister Grace, and learned that she passed away. Grace was an employee of Kuser School when I was a student there, and a very popular lady with a winning personality.