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Monday, September 24, 2012

1948: WILL THERE BE A 65TH IN 2013?

It seems like only yesterday that I heard Dick Soffel and Rudy Gering on Trumpet and Bob Reed tickling the ivories in the Hamilton High School band.with Jack Hartman the band leader. My sister Dorothy was to have been in the class of '48 but the Glover finances were at the poverty level and she had to leave school and went to work at the Circle F Manufacturing Company in order to help with the family finances. 
I completely missed the recent class of 1947 reunion, and even though there is a very remote possibility that there is a Hamilton Hornet from that class or an adjacent class who is on the computer, I would be interested in posting a possible 65th on this website if indeed there will be one. Unless my math is faulty, these "kids" are now averaging 82 years young. How time has flown!