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Tuesday, December 02, 2008

1979: Ron Muses: HHS Basketball All Star

The photo of the handsome young gentleman from Hamilton's 1979 basketball team is shown proudly displaying his well-earned trophy. Assuming you were a senior at the time, Ron, you are now in your mid 40's. Thanks for making us Hornets proud!

1979: There's That Hornet Band Again!

Our high school music programs are incredibly effective! At the recent Veterans' Memorial dedication at Hamilton High School on Veterans' Day, Sue Proulx and her wonderfully talented choral group sang soul-stirring selections that had many of us in tears. On the other side of the musical horizon, Hamilton's various high school bands are also award winners. Of course, being an alumnis of the Orange and Black, I have a preference for the high school of my youth. HOWEVER, a few years ago, I attended one of those "battle of the bands" which was held at Steinert. I wouldn't want to have been a judge. They were all incredibly talented and the music was superb.