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Saturday, August 19, 2006

1948: Henry Kauffman

In my years at HHS, I never once heard a negative statement against Mr. Kauffman. He loved his job and he was good at it. I know he and his son and my classmate Kieth will forgive me if I put one to many "f"'s in his name.

1948: Faculty and Administration "A" to "D"

Take a close look and bring back some great memories! Carl Abbott tooling into the parking lot with that yellow Buick convertible, Louise Baird leading our choir into another blockbuster musical proram, Jim Coursen doling out 5 hours to the guys who tried to hustle a six pack of beer on the school grounds, Harold Bills coming to school in his Navy officer's uniform and all the girls swooning, Mr. Byrd moonlighting as a shoe salesman, FLorence Cornwell chastising me for getting a pass to go to rehearsal for the operetta during her class time, Harlan Darling..........

HHS The Tarr Brothers

These two guys had a real penchant for sports. Both of them were active in nearly all competitive contests at Hamilton. "Jake," older brother to Ronnie was an upper classman who was a basketball star in his own right. Ronnie went right through school with me from Miss Kelly through graduation in the class of '51.

1951: The Choir, 1951

We made such incredibly beautiful music together! How I miss the incredibly beautiful harmony we sang as all of us got goose bumps listening to ourselves singing in EIGHT part harmony. I will never forget the unbridled, etheral beauty of our rendition of "You'll Never Walk Alone," and "Now The Day Is Over."