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Wednesday, October 19, 2011


Those were such wonderful years! As I pile on the years, memories of those years of singing with the gentlemen above will remain until we prayerfully meet again in the great beyond to resume our vocal talents. The photo was taken while we were in stage makeup as you can see by the lipstick and the flesh-colored make up we wore as we performed for the public. (don't miss our lily white necks where the makeup begins!) Each of us had a specific talent. Our "anchor," Bill Baggott along with Lee Belardino handled the tenor section. Keith Kauffman and Bob Thompson handled the deep, deep, "bass II" and George Mozer and I took over the baritone ("bass I") section. I will never forget the beautiful, indeed ethereal harmony we made together as we sang those great old "barbershop" songs; "When You Wore a Tulip," "Drifting and Dreaming," "In the Evening By the Moonlight," "Shine on Harvest Moon," and countless others.

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