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Thursday, March 06, 2014


We all had a teacher or teachers who had an influence on our lives long after we left the hallowed halls of grammar and high schools. For me, there were three: Miss Louise Baird, Miss Julia McClain, and Miss Ruth Margerum. Miss Baird and Miss Margerum were the two teachers who cultivated my lifelong interest in music, while Miss McClain encouraged me to focus on my natural talents of reading and writing way back in the 6th grade at Kuser School. These teachers instilled in me an incredible interest in these fields that has remained with me at the age of 80 plus. 


Lee Belardino said...

I,m not sure if I ever commented on this tribute to Ms. Baird. You know about senior moments, but after reading your words I had to comment You described her perfectly. I can easily say that she had a most profound influence on my life. She not only thought about the beauty of music but also about life. To me she was one of the most beautiful person I ever met and Iam not only talking about physical beauty. I still have the picture in my mind of walking in room 300 and there she is sitting on the piano with great smile in her eyes looking like a beautiful doll. She had total control of me and I was truly in love with her.She wrote some thing in my year book that I will treasure the rest of my life. Oh yes,we guys made some great sounds.Your pal

Tom Glover said...

You and I both received a musical education along with an incredible lesson on the philosophy of living. Ouise was a gift from God. Just heard that Lachlan "Laddie" MacBean died, as did Sanra Holmes Danbury. Two more of our classmates going early to our ultimate reunion in God's Heaven. Stay well, Lee, and stay in touch!