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Saturday, February 07, 2009


Lee and I have resumed a friendship that began in my Sophomore year when I came over from Kuser Annex to join Louise Baird's vocal music class. It was a time that changed my also changed the life of Lee Belardino, HHS tenor, extraordinaire. Interestingly, both of us still carry the Louise Baird music tradition into our senior years. Lee as a talented part of a music group out in California, and I for the past 25 years, bringing my program, "The Music We Grew Up With" to those who know good music when they hear it. Keep hittin' those "Hi C's," Lee, and I'll continue to bellow out those baritone, or as we called it in Miss Baird's class, "Bass One" songs of our youth.

This memory of our golden years from Lee Belardino:

Thanks for the kind words and fond reflections. Wow, Were we ever that young. I remember Bob Beesburg. Little guy always with a smile on his face. Navy captain. Wow. hope people realize wath an esteem rank that is. . I salute you sir. Sylvia Arena,his beautiful wife together with your lovely wife Judy one of our great alto's in THEchoir. I think her dad owned a restraunt on Cedar lane and we sang there? Jesse Anderson,I wish I knew better. GOD rest his soul. I remember the octette. I think Kaufman and you were the basses,Me and Bill the tenors. Can't think of the other members but I do remember that we sang on some radio station once and the song we sang was:"Anybody know miss Nellie Gray" and Miss B. recorded it . We were flat,especially me and Miss B. gave me one her smiles that really meant"Leon,think high". 57 years ago and I still remember that particular smile. What wonderful,grand, times they were no matter how many times I say it. Wish to heaven I could have been to your Kuser performance today or any other day. I,m sure most of our generation attends. They can't even like what is playing now. Grammy awards.Are you kidding?Keep flying the high standards,Tom because its like tonic to our souls
Friend for always,


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