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Sunday, July 30, 2006

Bernie Hughes, Ed Marchand, Lea Terry

These three guys were an integral part of the Hamilton sports program back in the 40's. I recently read an old column in which Ed Marchand gave up teaching because of the inadequate salary. I was one of his students as a sophomore, and always thought hHe was a great "phys-ed" teacher. Once again, thanks to Mr. Lea Terry for this photo.

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Tom Glover said...

Regarding the "limited income" account referred to in this photo, a visitor who wishes to remain anonymous wrote:

The caption to this photo indicates that someone said that Mr. Marchand had quit teaching due to the profession's limited income potential. What happened was, he died of a sudden heart attack in 1968, tragically young, and was teaching at that time. The yearbook for the Class of '69 had a full page tribute to him. Thank you for double-checking the photo caption and making any correction necessary.